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Enviromental Issues

Aotea Plastics has a vested interest in operating a Sustainable business with appropriate consideration to enviromental issues.

In this section we display our Enviromental Policy.

Discuss issues related to Enviromental Management Systems

Outline our decision to participate in the Enviro-Mark EMS and detail documentation and procedures leading to certification to Bronze standard in April 2005 and Silver in December 2005. We plan to acieve Gold by June 2006.

Details of our development of documentation and certification to Bronze can be downloaded as a PDF document "From Bronze to Gold"

Aotea Plastics is a commited member of the Industry Trade Group "Plastics New Zealand" and participates in several programmes of Industry Development such as "Best Practices Programme", "Plastics Sustainability Initiative" and "Design for the Enviroment".

We also support the Industry initiatives within the "Packaging Accord".


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