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Export Focus

Aotea Plastics achieves significant benefits from being located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch provides a quality of life, which is unsurpassed by other cities in New Zealand. The company benefits from being able to employ and retain well-educated, motivated and focused people, who function as a team. Christchurch has a major container port for the direct import of raw materials and export of products, plus an international airport, which is New Zealand's second largest.

The application of technology in communication and engineering means that we have access to the same resources as anywhere else in the world, in terms of Product Design, Development, Toolmaking, Rapid Prototyping, Product Trialing and manufacture in our Blowmoulding and Injectionmoulding plants.

Our overseas customers also benefit from two major advantages we can offer:

  1. Economical, short production run capability. Because of the size of NZ economy, we have of necessity specialised in efficiently producing small orders. We use Solid Works for design and modelling to prepare files for our tool manufacturing. We will astound you with our pricing and delivery of tooling, product trials and short production runs.
  2. Foreign exchange rate: the low value of the NZ dollar, particularly against the US dollar and Euro, means that our already very competitive rates have an added advantage in your overseas market.

Contact Us for Product Design, Development, Toolmaking, Rapid Prototyping, Product Trialing and manufacture by Blowmoulding and Injectionmoulding.

Another major benefit of establishing a business relationship with Aotea Plastics is you will have an excuse to travel to NZ, enjoy our stunning scenery and the natural beauty of the landscape that was used for filming "The Lord of the Rings", visit the beautiful city of Christchurch, experience some of the culture that is New Zealand, and meet the wonderful people that make up the team at Aotea Plastics. 


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