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Our Blowmoulding division uses European machinery to produce bottles and jars in capacities from 20ml to 5 liters. We process what is probably the widest range of materials of any manufacturer in NZ in extrusion blowmoulding, including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PETG, PC, TPR.

Stock Containers:

We have our own moulds for an extensive range of containers from 30 ml to 5 Litres in HDPE, PVC and PETG. Flagons with handles are available in HDPE from 1L to 5L.
Go to Products, Plastic Bottles for details of our range of stock containers.

Our packaging is used in a large variety of industries and for various applications such as cosmetics, food/beverages, chemical/industrial, cleaning, health care and personal care products.
Custom moulding:

Our ability to produce custom moulds with our Toolmaking capabilities, at very competitive prices provides our customers with the option of unique packaging or specialty products.

Other products:

While blowmoulding is most commonly used for packaging, it is in fact very versatile and capable of making anything, which is by definition a ?hollow container.? We have successfully provided partnerships with customers to produce a diverse range of products ranging from plumbing components to flexible fish floats and housings for electronics.

See our Customers Products for examples  of some of the varied uses and applications for our Blowmoulding and Injection Moulding.



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