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10 Good Things About Plastic in NZ

The following highlight some of the positive aspects of using plastics over other products :

  1. Plastics Save Energy
    All plastics - including plastic bags account for less than 2% of the crude oil and natural gas consumed annually (USA stats). This represents 20-40% less energy consumption than other alternatives.
  2. Save Our Fresh Air
    Total air emissions through all stages of production, use and disposal of plastics range between 63% and 73% less than the alternatives.
  3. Save Our Waterways
    Total waterborne wastes from the manufacture of plastics are approximately 90% less that those created during the manufacture of alternatives.
  4. Save Transport Costs
    Approximately seven trucks would be required to deliver the alternative product equivalent to one truckload of plastic bags. And the use of plastic drink bottles on aircraft has resulted in fuel savings of $18,000 a year per aircraft.
  5. Save Landfill Space
    Contrary to a popular misconception, plastics are not a major component of the solid waste stream. Typically, plastics represent only 7% of total solid waste (by weight).
  6. Hygienic Health Care
    Disposable blood bags, tubing, catheters, syringes, protective gloves, artificial limbs, lifesaving valves - all plastic products critical in reducing the risk of cross infection.
  7. Enhance Growth
    Plastics used in greenhouses, ground film and plant propagation systems increase crop yield and quality by conserving energy in the growing environment and protecting the crop.
  8. Safe Insulation

    Almost 100% of electrical energy insulation is provided by plastics, while many buildings rely on plastic insulation to prevent energy loss. Plastic insulation has the lowest thermal conductivity of commonly used materials.
  9. Reduce Food Wastage

    Modern packaging techniques have reduced food spoilage and loss to as little as 2%, and plastic packaging used to preserve meat accounts for only 2% of the energy used in producing the meat.
  10. Create More Jobs

    The New Zealand plastics industry generates a turnover of $1.8 billion a year and employs more than 8000 people.

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