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7 Ways to Make Plastic Products

BottleBlow Moulding

Bottles and containers, automotive components such as brake fluid reservoirs and fuel tanks.

Film & Sheet Extrusion

Briefcases, stationery files, upholstery, wallpaper and flooring.


PipePipe & Cable Extrusion

Includes rigid - pipe, cable, curtain track - and film - various forms of sheeting.

PipeInjection Moulding

Milk crates, telephone cases, hard hats and buckets.

Foam headrestFoam

Hot drink cups, fish boxes, bicycle safety helmets, EPS, insulation panelling and polyurethane for seat padding.

Rotational Moulding

Squeeze toys, light shades, water tanks, surfboards, canoes, and dinghies.



Briefcases, biscuit and chocolate trays


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